Mine Service is the act of repairing another player's mines. As a reward for your altruism you will gain some of the resource that mine produces and a possibility of adding a number of crates to your cargo rain.

There are a few limitations to servicing mines.

  • The mine must be within 100m (same as "Boss repair")
  • The mine must be at 96% condition or less.
  • The mine cannot be repaired for 12 hours after attack

The amount of resources you get as a reward is equal to your Service Center level * the maximum performance of that mine (aka 100% condition). For example, with a Service Center level 3 you gain 3 hours worth of production from the mine. Repairing with Service Center level 0 (unbuilt) will gain 1/2 hour of production.

The number of crates gained for your cargo rain is random with the max amount roughly equal to half your Service Center level.

There is a mission that requires you to service mines for a reward of credits

Mine Service was added in Version 1.5.

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