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Missions were added in version 1.4.7 (slightly modificated 2016-02-25)

Missions are scaled based on a player's level and other unspecified in-game actions. Therefore the requirements and the rewards are variable for each player. (denoted in the table below as <x> and <y>)

Missions will give a small Cargo Rain upon completion.

Penalties for mission failure are modified by the Law Firm

List of missions, alphabetically ordered by level available:

Title Requirements Deadline Reward


Level Available
Ad deal Watch a commercial until the end 1 day* <y> crate(s) for your cargotain 4
Bob the builder Build <x> mines 4 days <y> pcs Tech Upgrade 4 Every 7 days 4
Collectoritis Collect <x> crates 7 days <y> pcs Tech Upgrade 3 Every 7 days 4
Consolation money Suffer an epidemic 3 Days <y> Credits Every 0 days 4
Insurance Suffer a mine accident 3 Days <y> Credits Every 0 days 4
Maintenance Repair <x> mines with maintenance kits 4 Days <y> Jewellery Every 2 days 4
Pimp my Mine Use <x> Tech Upgrades to your mines 7 days <y> pcs Tech Upgrade 1 Every 7 days 4
Scan junkie Scan for deposits <x> times 7 days <y> pcs Tech Upgrade 2 Every 2 days 4
Service Repair <x> someone else's mines 3 Days <y> Credits Every 1 days 4
Wanderer Walk a distance of <x>m [Resources must be open] 8 Days* <y> Credits Every 1 days 4
Warehouse Boss Expand your warehouses <x> times 4 days <y> m3 Waste Glass Every 4 days** 4
Need Clay! Sell <x> m3 clay 1 day <y> Tech Upgrade 1 Every 2 days 10**
Need more insecticides! Sell <x> m3 insecticides 3 days <y> Giant Diamonds Every 2 days 10**
Pimp my Factory Upgrade your factories <x> times 5 days <y> Credits Every 5 days 10**
Stinginess is awesome! Perform <x> free (='boss in range') maintenances 7 days <y> pcs Maintenance Kit Every 7 days 10**
Paranoia? Assign <x> units to defend your mines 7 days <y> units Elite Force Every 7 days 15**
Time is Money Trigger <x> instant-productions (use a Giant Diamond to hasten production) 6 days <y> ct Rough Diamonds Every 4 days 15**
Agressor Attack and win <x> times 4 days <y> units Private Army Every 7 days 30
Lord of the missions Finish 15 quests 4 days <y> ct Rough diamonds Every 5 days** 30
Need copper! Sell <x> m3 copper 2 days <y> ct Rough diamonds Every 2 days 30
Who let the dogs out? Train <x> watchdogs 4 days <y> units Private Army Every 7 days 30
From old make new Recycle <x> units of loot 2 days <y> m3 Used oil Every 3 days 40
Need Medical Technology! Sell <x> m3 Medical Technology 1 day <x> m³ Steel Every 2 days 40
Transport premium Pay <x> transport costs 2 days <x> Maintenance Kit Every 1 days 40
Pretty Batteries Sell <x> m3 Batteries 2 days <y> ct Rough Diamonds Every 3 days 50

* Mission has no penalty for expiration.

** Data could be wrong or out of date - to be updated.